Monday, February 14, 2011

Pizza from the Freezer

No, not that kind. No Stouffers or Boboli here. Saturday night, we pulled some pizza dough I had made two months ago and frozen. The dough was as good as brand new, and using frozen dough significantly cut the time from inception to consumption. One hour to warm up the oven and pizza stone and 15 minutes to make and cook. Topped with some homemade pizza sauce (a complex concoction of one can of whole tomatoes with juice, smashed and boiled down with salt and pepper) and some basic toppings (we used mozzarella and goat cheese, some thinly sliced fennel and a tomato).

I am amazed that more people don’t make pizza at home. It is far superior to anything you can buy and take home (with the exception of really good, true wood oven artisanal) and very inexpensive. I think I spent a total of $2.50/pie, if you include all of the costs, like the yeast, veggies.

Knowing that the dough will freeze well is a revelation. When I make it from now on, I will double up the recipe. That will give me enough dough for 3 or 4 small 12 inch pies. Individually wrapped and frozen, they can be pulled out the night before and thawed in the fridge. Bittman says to only freeze for 3 weeks, but they will last 3-4 months easy.

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